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$ 8.00

Fairy Princess

Handmade Flax Seed Hot and Cold Pack 

I LOVE these willy pads, my kids LOVE these willy pads, and I'm pretty sure neighborhood kids intentionally get hurt at my house because they LOVE these willy pads too, LOL!!!

These things are SUPER great for a ton of reasons;
1) they get cold quick
2) they stay cold, but not "too" cold - said in a whiny voice :D
3) they're soft
4) they don't melt all over your house
5) they're non-toxic - so no worries that your child will eat those weird gel beads in some of the
ice packs out there :D

And best of all they have made bedtime at my house drama free!!
My 6 year daughter likes to play this game every night called "my ______ hurts, I can't possibly go to sleep" We've been playing this game for 3 years and this willy pad has "fixed" ALL of her pretend ailments since I made it - she sleeps with one every night and now we're both happy :D

You can purchase these willy pads (reusable "ice" packs / or heat compresses) individually or bundle them for a discounted price. The Boo Boo Bundle is a set of 3.
Each willy pad measures approximately 5" X 5" and is double-sided with the same fabric. The edges have been double-stitched for added strength and durability.

Each pad is handmade and filled with golden flax seed and and can be scented with lavender, peppermint, rose or left unscented.

Lavender has healing properties that promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. 

The refreshing nature of Peppermint relieves stress and clears the mind from mental exhaustion.

Sweet and floral, Rose fragrance helps calm nervous tension.


Flax seed is much more durable and pliable than other fillers like rice and corn (which can become harsh), allowing you to mold the bag easily to any body part. By using flax seed, its outer shell doesn't emit the “food” odor that rice and other dry products do over time. The seeds also stay warmer/colder longer. Flax Seed is 30-40% oil, which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again. Most grain products lose their ability to retain heat as the water cooks out of the grains.

You can also microwave them for 40 seconds if you need a hot compress.
Instruction sheet provided.

This Boo Boo Bundle comes bound together by a ribbon knot and is packaged in a ziplock bag.






Handmade item

Materials: cotton quilting fabric, thread, lavender, flax seeds

Please note that fabric pattern placement may vary from photograph