Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other way to heat the hot/cold pack besides the microwave?

I'm sorry to say that I'm not comfortable recommending any alternative methods to heating the hot/cold pack. Do NOT put it in your oven, heat it in a pan on your stove top, stick it in a crock pot or any other creative ways you have considered....I haven't tried them and I don't want to be responsible if you burn down your house. 

So, the answer is  NO!


What size hot/cold pack should I buy?

There is no hard fast rule since they are pretty versatile, but here is a breakdown in my thought / design process when creating the sizes.

Small, 5" X 5" : This is a great size for little hands (kids) and works perfect for an easy to grab ice pack. I would recommend it for body parts like; eyes, jaws, fingers. I realize it is my least expensive product, but remember it is a SMALL and doesn't cover a lot of surface area.

Medium, 5" X 10" : The medium was designed for your forehead and stomach. It is my favorite size and the one I use the most!

Large, 5" X 14": Perfect for your back and shoulders while laying down.

XLarge, 5" X 20" The Xlarge was created to drape around the neck while sitting up.


Do you take custom orders? Fabric Prints? Sizes?

Yes, I do.

You LOOOOVE [SPORTS Team]! You collect penguins, bananas, fairies in thimbles....whatever it is - if they make a cotton fabric, I'm more than happy to make it for you

I can make the hot/cold packs up to 10" wide and 20" long.

Just send me an email at with your request and I'll get back to you with the appropriate pricing and shipping costs.

Please note that I don't take custom size requests during the holiday season, so if that's your jam ask early. 

The turn around time for custom orders is approximately 2 weeks depending on my schedule.


What if I live in the area, do I have to pay shipping?

No. Just use coupon code LOCAL during checkout to remove your shipping costs and send me an email at to coordinate a drop off pick up arrangement.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, I offer hot/cold packs for wholesale! Send me an email at to request a wholesale pricing list. There is a  minimum quantity of 12 to qualify for wholesale pricing. 


Do you make removable slip covers for the hot/cold packs?

No, I don't. You can disinfect the hot/cold pack by microwaving or spraying with Lysol.